The Brunberg Fund is a Porvoo-based fund which Brunberg Oy started when their present factory was opened in 1988. The purpose of the fund is to support culture, especially music, in the Porvoo region. By starting the fund, the company wanted to honour the career of its long-standing owner and CEO Lennart Brunberg (1891-1945, on the right in the picture). He played the violin and the cello, and was the heart and soul of the Mimer String Orchestra, which he also conducted.

He was also active in the Porvoo Orchestral Society as well as a member of the Concert Relief Association, which invited well-known artists to perform in Porvoo.

The fund has mainly supported talented youths of the Porvoo region in their music studies. The recipients of the fund’s scholarships, mostly students of the Porvoo Regional Academy of Music, have been able to acquire tuition aiming at becoming professional musicians with the help of the fund. Most of them now work as professional musicians or music instructors.


Scholarships of the Brunberg Fund 1989-2019


1989 Satu Pulkkinen (Savioja) violin 25.000 mk
1990 Patrik Stenström clarinet 20.000 mk
1991 Liisa Heininen (Malmivaara) piano 20.000 mk
1992 Annika Nummelin (Lindroos) violin 20.000 mk
1993 Porvoonseudun musiikkiopisto, for students’ academic term fees 25.000 mk
1994 Tommi Viertonen French horn 20.000 mk
1996 Mika Ylärakkola bassoon 20.000 mk
1998 Jaakko Nordman violin 25.000 mk
1999 for building MS Aleksandra 10.000 mk
2001 Linda Bärlund violin 20.000 mk
2003 Linda Bärlund violin 3.400 €
2006 Ludvig Bärlund cello 3.400 €
2008 Jousikvartetti Pippurit (Rasmus Bärlund, Amanda Pursio, 4.000 €
Emma Lagerstedt and Oskari Holopainen)
2011 Max Silfverberg trombone 4.000 €
2015 Maija Wesslund violin 4.000 €
2019 Ocarina choirs 5.000 €


The chairman of Brunberg Fund is Magnus Björklund. Other board members are Tom Brunberg ,Stefan Granberg, Kati Karlsson, Helena Somervalli and Martina Somervalli, . The board of the fund grants scholarships based on its members’ initiative and the opinions of experts. Therefore please do not send grant applications to the fund.