The family business Brunberg Oy was established in 1871 when A.W. Lindfors started a bakery in Porvoo. They began to manufacture sweets in addition to bakery products in 1897, and little by little the sweets production became a separate line. Lennart Brunberg, who learnt the skill of sweets making at Lindfors’ factory, started his own sweets factory in 1922 and bought up Lindfors’ six years later.

Brunberg Oy has remained a family business for five generations, and the sixth is taking more and more responsibility for operating the firm. High quality products have enabled the continuity of operation despite the changing external circumstances. A small number of classic products has proved a wise choice, keeping the reins of the company in the hands of the owner family. Cherishing traditions is one of Brunberg’s key concepts.

Popular sweets classics

Alku (”the Beginning”) is the oldest sweet of Brunberg’s product range. It originally belonged to the selection of Lindfors Sweet Factory, Brunberg’s predecessor in the 1910s, when Lindfors bought the sweets factory of William Wiik of Helsinki.
According to tradition, the recipe of the Alku sweet was brought to the factory by two St Petersburg master confectioners, Sladkoff and Kulakoff. This piece of information cannot be verified but it may very well be true, as in those days sweet making expertise was sought and found in Russia.
The original Alku is a light creamy sweet. Later it has been seasoned with different flavours, and so now we have four new tastes alongside the original Alku: liquorice, lemon liquorice, chocolate and cinnamon.


Brunberg’s truffle
Brunberg’s truffle dates back to the 1920s. It appeared in Lindfors’ factory catalogue in 1926.
At first the truffle was also referred to as the Porvoo confection.
Nut truffles were manufactured in the 1930s alongside the traditional truffles. In addition to the original truffles, nougat and mocca compliment the present day range.


Brunberg’s Kisses
Brunberg’s Kisses came into being in 1951 when Brunberg Oy bought the first machinery used in to manufacture kisses. The idea came from Brunberg’s Danish business partner. Kisses had become a great hit in Europe. Finland’s first kiss machine can be seen in the window of the factory shop.
Initially the only flavour was vanilla, but quite soon they widened the range. Now you can enjoy not only the vanilla but strawberry and mocca kisses as well.


Brunberg in the 2000s


Brunberg’s exquisite chocolates and sweets give people of the 2000s the same pleasure and joy, even solace, as they did in the first few decades of the factory’s history. Thanks to the traditional selection of Brunberg sweets, today’s adult consumers can relish the sweet delicacies they loved in their childhood.

Consumer loyalty is the ground which the longevity and continuous growth of the sweets factory is based on. The skilled and committed staff, high quality raw materials as well as the flexibility of a small-size company are the makings of Brunberg’s nearly 150 years of success. These are the key factors which Brunberg relies on even in the future.