Brunberg Oy is an entirely Finnish, Porvoo-based chocolate factory. Brunberg Oy family business has been located in Porvoo throughout its history.

The modern production lines of Brunberg’s sweets factory employ state of the art technology. Traditional craftsmanship has, however, its irreplaceable role in the factory whose conveyer belts are lined with skilled professionals of sweets manufacturing.

The best spokesman for Brunberg’s products is the first class quality. The recipes of the oldest products have not been changed. The same loving care is given to the consistency of each and every sweets lot.


Brunberg’s bravuras


Brunberg wants to offer consumers products that are not in the range of others. Brunberg has hit the sweet spot with this decision, as they have found their own loyal clientele for their products. For example, as chocolate bar manufacturers, Brunberg has specialised in making sugar free and lactose free milk chocolate. Brunberg is the only manufacturer of sugar free chocolate in Finland and the only manufacturer of lactose free milk chocolate in Scandinavia.

Brunberg is also the only producer of kisses and rice chocolate in Finland.